Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Giant Pool of Money

So every day some new development happens on Wall Street and folks are asking for my opinion. Look, I gave my opinion this time last year when the bailouts were in the form of interest rate cuts. But nobody listened then so why would they now? And what good is my opinion now anyway? It would be the equivalent of saying the ship is sinking at the point of total submersion.

In any case, here is my headline for next year: Avoiding bankruptcy will be the name of the game for lots of state governments starting with New York.

But in the meantime and between time I offer the following audio content that is the most comprehensive and far reaching take on how we got where we are today. Hey, I highly recommend you listen, I mean do you really think this is over?

The Giant Pool of Money
by Chicago Public Radio

Couple of ways to get this program:
1. You can listen for free by clicking "Full Episode" below the picture of the money.
2. You can download the transcript.
3. You can buy the podcast for $0.95.
4. You can buy the CD.

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