Friday, August 22, 2008

F-R-E-E that spells free...

Even better than that little jingle that is now STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR DAY is the following deal that will make you sing it with pride.

Free credit score monitoring from Trans Union for 6 or 9 months depending on your preference. While I have never been a big fan of class action lawsuits this one is somewhat acceptable in that you get a service that may be of great use to you. I cut and pasted the 6 or 9 month options below but I strongly recommend you read all about it URL below where you can also register if you so decide. To be eligible you must register before 9/24/2008.

You have two options for credit monitoring:(1) Get six months of free credit monitoring services (which retails for $59.75) that includes: (a) the ability to lock your credit report so third parties, such as lenders or other companies, will not be able to access your credit report without your consent (unless allowed by law); (b) unlimited daily access to your Trans Union credit report and credit score; and (c) credit monitoring with a 24-hour email credit notification service.
(2) Get nine months of enhanced credit monitoring services (which retails for $115.50) that includes all the services listed above, plus a suite of insurance scores (which allows you to see your credit information as insurance companies do) and a mortgage simulator service (a customized report that shows the mortgage rates that you should qualify for). If you choose this option you will agree to give up your right to sue the Defendants for certain damage claims (see Question 15) and you will give up your right to receive a cash payment, if any, from the Settlement Fund.

PS: Pull it up and forward it back my selecta , "F-R-E-E, that spells, BABY!"

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