Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Redbox + iPhone = Obvious Winner

Every once in a while I have to throw someone a bone. And today I toss one out to Redbox who has been very good to me over the past 8 or so months. A Redbox app for the iPhone is so blatantly obvious I feel as if it has already been done but no one told me. Look, I will just walk you through one quick scenario where having a Redbox app on the iPhone is sheer geinus.

Redbox-Iphone App Scenario:
Monday morning and my plane lands in Ssacramento, CA and upon touching down I remember that I have to return two Redbox DVDs (The Rocker - 3 stars, Pineapple Express - 2 stars) that I have in my backpack which I picked up last night for the sole purpose of watching on the plane ($2 for 2 DVDs for 1 night) using my laptop. While I sit on the plane waiting to get off I open up my Redbox app with the 3G turned on and see that the nearest Redbox is less than 10 minutes away using the iPhone's GPS capabilities. I then hit the map it function which opens the iPhone's Maps application to get an understanding of the turn by turn directions I would need to get to that Redbox location from the airport. Hmmm, it's actually in the direction I am heading, SWEET! While in the app I see that the free 1-day rental Monday code is also posted which reminds me that I wanted to get The Secret Life Of Bees (hey, it's Black History Month). While still on the plane, I use my Redbox app to check to see if it is available at the location I already planned on visiting. It is, SCORE! I'm now being hustled off the plane so I pack my iPhone away and race to the rental car terminal forgetting to reserve my movie. Finally I arrive at the Redbox location and there are about 3 people in front of me. I overhear the couple in front of me saying that they hope that The Secret Life of Bees is still there. Instantly I pull out my iPhone and open the Redbox app and check to see if it is still available at this location. I see it is and since I already created and registered my account I am able to quickly hit the RESERVE button. My sincere apologies to the couple in front of me as I can't help but giggle when they get to kiosk and see that The Secret Life of Bees is gone. I return my two DVDs from the previous night and grab The Secret Life of Bees and head out to dinner with my Rancho Cordova compadres.

Hey yo Redbox, why is this not happening?


Tyrone said...

Before the app, they need to make their website mobile friendly. And speaking of Redbox, the users of Redbox need to learn to respect people's personal space. I hate when I'm trying to make my selection and the person waiting is breathing down my back looking at the pictures on the machine. But maybe that's the price you pay when your fee is $1/day or free.

Troy said...

I take it someone doesn't have an iPhone, boo-hoo. Well yeah, if their website was mobile friendly then that would defeat the need for an iPhone app to a huge degree.

By the way, is that you in the line in front of me waiting until it is your turn to pull out your phone to get the free code then taking forever to get your DVD scrolling back and forth and forth and back? My bad, that was just my way of giving you a subtle hint to hurry it up. :)

I guess a mobile friendly website (for YOUR oldPhone) vs. an app (for iPhone) would help YOU move faster in the line. Hmmmm...hey Redbox, why isn't the mobile friendly website happening?

Tyrone said...

Nah that's not me. I usually have the code memorized by the time I get there. But when you invade my personal space that is me, who gets one movie then pulls out another credit card to rent another movie for free. Gotta stretch free as far as I can in these tough economic times.

Typically if there is someone waiting I get my one movie then go to the other machine. But when you want to get all in my space me and my oPhone gotta take our sweet time.

Troy said...

Props, your Redbox game is tight.

Redbox Rage! Coming soon to a kiosk near you.

Anonymous said...

Hey it is happening :-) Us iPhone developers jsut had to take matters into our own hands. Go to http://appboxmobile.com for details. Expect to see a Redbox iPhone app in the app store early March


Troy said...

Great news Hassan. Will write a review when it drops. Also, I didn't see any mention of publishing the free Monday code via the app on your website. :)

PS: Having the movie rating system support Metacritic and RottenTomatoes will be a great bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

Troy, our company is actually a spin off of insideredbox.com, the app will come with all the promocodes available from http://insideredbox.com (which already includes monday codes), plus many more, also you will get promocode history. You will never have to pay for a DVD again :-)


Michael said...

Redbox iPhone App is now available. Check it out:
Inside Redbox iPhone App

David said...

I just emailed CS at Redbox about this today, well see what their response is ( about Redbox.com via mobile Safari not the iPhone app) but an App would be too cool.