Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Troy at the Theater

Folks have been asking me to do movie reviews and some others have been emailing/texting asking if I have seen Slumdog Millionaire so I figured I would kill these and other related topics with one blog entry.

First off, I must have been singing the praises of Da Box way too much. Everytime I go to my local Redbox lately there is a line. All my Redbox using friends claim that there are lines at their local Redbox as well. A family member called me all the way from Dallas to tell me that Dallas-area folks must be reading my blog because the TWO Redbox kiosks at their grocery store has a line. So from now on, my message to you is: Redbox SUCKS!

Movie ratings are assigned by myself (regular guy), Movie Snob (indie-artsy perspective), and the ScriptKeeper (female perspective).

Slumdog Millionaire - Great movie set in India that shows the road traveled all the way to the game show, "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Had the ending not been so "Hollywood" it would have been a strong competitor for best movie of 2008. This is a great choice for the regular movie viewer who wants to baby-step their way into indie-artsy films in the future. Troy: 5 stars, Movie Snob: 4 stars, ScriptKeeper: LOVED IT!

Happy-Go-Lucky - Dark comedy that is definitely not for the average everyday movie viewer who just wants to be entertained. This is a great movie to see with folks where you then go out for drinks or coffee after. Definitely spurs one into taking a look within. Definitely the best movie of 2008 for the indie-artsy crowd. Troy: 5 stars, Movie Snob: unseen, ScriptKeeper: LOVED IT!

Nights in Rodanthe - OK, so the ScriptKeeper dragged me to see this "romance" movie. And surprisingly, even though the ending was somewhat predictable it was better than I thought. Troy: 3 stars, Movie Snob: UNSEEN & PROUD OF IT, ScriptKeeper: LOVED IT!

Tell No One - French foreign thriller that is my vote for the best movie of 2008. And I have to give props to the Movie Snob (for the 100th time before he calls yet again for referral credit) who recommended it to me. This is just a great movie in every way measurable. Keep in mind that this movie is in French so you will have to read subtitles. But trust me, you will not be disappointed. Troy: 5 stars, Movie Snob: 5 stars, ScriptKeeper: LOVED IT!

Gran Torino - Social drama with Clint Eastwood playing the part of a WWII veteran who is somewhat stuck in his old school ways. My first thought leaving the theater was that Clint Eastwood wins the oscar for best actor after this performance. I mean, he IS the movie. The funny thing is that even though the movie is a drama it was more like a comedy with racial and ethnic jokes serving as the subject material. Movie Snob claimed he was noticing that some folks were laughing a little too hard and too long at his theater down in JawJuh! :) Troy: 5 stars, Movie Snob: 5 stars, ScriptKeeper: LIKED IT!

PS: The ScriptKeeper would also like you to know that she LOVED Sex And The City.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

kiilu said...

The Movie Snob just sent me Tell No One and given your track record with Slumdog Millionaire, I am looking forward to watching it.

I'll look forward to watching Happy-Go-Lucky next. :)

P.S. Good job supporting the ScriptKeeper to conclude the post. :)