Monday, July 21, 2008

Why study finance? Why Brandeis?

For those that have been wondering why the hell I am taking grad classes yet again in an attempt to gain yet another master's degree (MS in Finance) I offer the following video that displays Brandeis professors breaking down the mortgage crisis. Most specifically, the Global Economics class that I took last Fall and the World Financial Centers class that took me to Poland less than two weeks ago was taught by Prof. John Ballantine.

Here is a link to view the segment which ran Friday (7/18/2008) on the NewsHour which featured Brandeis International Business School:

If you wish to view a transcript or just listen to audio, you may click here:

PS: Anita Hill (of Clarence Thomas nomination fame) is also a professor at Brandeis albeit in the Heller Social Policy & Management School.
PPS: No amount of education can save you from greed & stupidity though since I lost an arm & a leg investing in IndyMac Bank. Ouch!

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