Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3G iPhone Service Plans

So ATT finally offered up the details regarding the service plans for the new 3G iPhone. And all I have to say is, SET AH THIEF!

Hey, currently I have
Sprint and while I would be the first to say their customer service sucks I also have to admit that they are very affordable. So why am I switching to ATT because of the 8 Gig 3G iPhone only to be ripped off with an unconscionable 2 year agreement? Is it because ATT offers more bars in more places? Hell to the NO! Is it because I am a sucker? Most likely.

In any case, let's breakdown the numbers of how I can make this as affordable as possible without exceeding my monthly limits:
$70 for 450 Anytime
$15 for 1500 texts (THIEVES! Why don't they have $10 for 1000 text messages??)
$9 for early nights & weekends (7pm-7am)
Total before taxes: $94

Over the 2 year contract:
Plan: $94 * 24 mos
Phone: $200 * 1 time charge
Activation: $36 * 1 time charge
Total of $2492 before sales tax and monthly taxes. Sort of a steep committment and we haven't even considered phone insurance or extended warranty yet.

It is even worse for the folks who want a no-contract iPhone: $599 (8 Gig) or $699 (16 Gig). I thought ATT was subsidizing $200. Using my math: $199 + $200 equals $399. Where did the extra $200 come from?? In any event I am guessing most folks will sign the contract to get the $199 or $299 price only to immediately cancel since the early termination fee starts at $175 and drops by $5 with each passing month. They must just want your information for their marketing database. :)

But hey, my cell phone has been my ONLY phone for over 5 years now. Also, the
Amex card that I have been pushing gives you 5% back when you have your cell phone billed directly to them. So I guess I can somewhat justify it...remember, I am already on record as stating the 3G iPhone is a necessity. :)


G Hop said...

Interesting. Sprint's plan is 450 anytime minutes for $40.00 and $5 for 300 texts. AT&T will drop you down 100 texts for the same price.

By the way, do not forget your accessories and every other little things you will have to pay for.

Oh Yeah, have you seen the Sprint 'Instinct' phone for $130 (after the $100 mail-in rebate?)


Check out the Instinct vs iPhone comparisons.

Troy said...

Three words: Accept No Substitute.

Tamika said...

I cannot wait till July 11th.. Its on my calendar to pick up my Iphone :-)