Thursday, July 31, 2008

AT&T's iPhone vs. Sprint's Treo 700p

So I made the switch to the AT&T iPhone by Apple from Sprint's Treo 700p by Palm. Here is what I like and don't like regarding the switch.

Things I don't like:
1. Battery life SUCKS! And this is with 3G turned off.
2. Why are they intentionally restricting me?
2a. Can't text to an email address.
2b. Can't send pictures using text.
2c. No cut & paste. (I know, next update...blah, blah, blah)
2d. Can't forward texts.
2e. Forces me to use mobile pages for sites they have partnerships with (
3. No video camera.
4. Most of the free offerings on app store are crap.
5. No direct support for Hotmail (no free POP) like it does for Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Things I like:
1. Browsing the web. You can even watch videos (YouTube AND others).
2. 2 Megapixel camera takes damn good pics
3. App store itself and not the vast majority of free offerings.
4. Support for MS Outlook is great and simple to setup.
5. Support for Gmail & Yahoo Mail is great and ridiculously simple to setup.
6. Haven't done it but supposedly you can get Hotmail via Izymail. Anyone ever used them?
7. Facebook and iPhone work really well together for the most part (browser is better than free app also).

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Jeremy said...

I'm with you that a lot of the apps are less than I was looking for (I really don't need a dozen tip calculators). I like: Zenbe Lists; Weather Bug; Box Office; and Moonlight Mahjong. I haven't pulled the trigger to buy others, even though I got iTunes cash for the birthday. There just aren't any apps right now that fill a function I have a need for. But, I love the app store, and expect to see big things. I hope.