Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everybody knows I am down with Da Flix ( So why would I blog about Well, for one there is a Stop & Shop grocery store carrying the Redbox machine within walking distance from my house that is open late. This means I can drop in on my way home, grab a DVD and return it the next AM for $1. Yep, $1 single dollar plus tax if you return the DVD in less than 24hrs. So far I have picked up and returned, The Assassination of Jesse James and The Kite Runner. Haven't watched them yet but you know how I do, WINK-WINK. Apparently with Redbox you can even get one free rental too.

The catch? So far, none. However as far as I can tell, they only stock hit movies. Which translates into not having the independent or foreign films that I have come to love. So what this means to me is that I keep Da Flix on the minimum plan of $8.99/month and if I happen to be at the grocery store and see a hit movie that I would like I grab it for $1 and return it in the AM. For those who are not into indie/foreign films, then I would say is a great bargain.

PS: I recently saw Atonement. It exceeded my expectations for a love story. Reminds me of the foreign film, A Very Long Engagement which I also enjoyed.

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