Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been a while

What can I say? Not even a good excuse for why I haven't blogged. OK, I have been hitting the gym but that isn't the reason. I have been living more in the real world and less in the virtual world but that still isn't the reason. Writer's block? Possible. Just straight up lazy and lacking any stick-with-it-ness? Highly probable.

Things I have been doing with myself since we last spoke:
1. Switched from Amex SimplyCash Business to Schwab Bank Invest First Visa which just gives a straight 2% back on everything into your Schwab Brokerage account and no foreign transaction fees.

2. Finished reading Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life by John Bogle and I highly recommend. Damn good book...made me want to be a better man.

3. Just started reading The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder and so far so good. You know, I just realized that these two books, based on the titles, are pretty much the same thing. Funny thing is I bought Enough for myself and knocked it out in like 2-3 days and upon seeing this the ScriptKeeper bought me Snowball and I'll go out on a limb and say it will take me a while to finish. The thing is HUGE.

4. Carnival hopping: Travelled to St. Thomas, VI for Carnival in late April. Will travel to Washington, DC for Carnival in late June. Yeah, yeah, I missed Atlanta's Carnival at the end of May. Hey, I can't make them all.

5. Finished up my classes for the Spring semester and registered for Relative Value of Securities in the Summer II session. I'm pass the halfway point towards that Masters of Science in Finance and boy don't I want to drop out right about now. :)

6. Removed myself from Facebook.com and hi5.com. I sort of felt like it was turning me into a voyeur (use definition #2, HA!) or something constantly checking up on folks (status updates, latest pictures, etc.). And that is not the kind of person I am or wanted to become. Plus the Movie Snob swears those things are evil and other than him being somewhat extreme we tend to have similar tastes.

7. Fell in love with Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola. I usually eat it with soy milk as a a cereal or just straight up as a snack. Who knew something this good for you could taste this good? I especially like the fact that it has generous amounts of 3 things I look for in my new GET-FIT-STAY-FIT diet: fatty acids, dietary fiber, and protein. Found it at my new favorite spot: Costco. Isn't that place just awesome?

8. I know this conflicts with my #6 but I have taken up Twitter or maybe I should say the TwitterFon app on the iPhone. See, I use it primarily to stay on top of NFL news. I follow Peter King (my favorite Sportswriter), Rich Eisen, Chris Mortensen (this guy tweets constantly), and Ross Tucker. Obviously, I just read the news updates these guys push out. And as you know, the NFL is one of my FAVORITE things.

9. Did I ever tell you that 9 is my favorite number? Well, it is.

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G Hop said...

Sounds like you have been staying busy and out of trouble. Good for you.

I really feel #7. It is also too funny that someone turned me on to that same cereal. Things that make you go hhhhmmmm.

I am so addicted to Costco, mommy and I share a 2% back membership . Between the two of us, we have been able to use that money to pay for the full membership renewal.