Saturday, May 3, 2008

Call me psychic

Trust me, I saw this coming 10 furlongs away. The second Hillary Clinton started comparing her campaign to win the democratic nomination for President to Eight Belles (only filly in the field) chances in the Kentucky Derby I knew this would only end tragically. I started praying for that poor horse immediately. Unfortunately, the spell of Hillary was too much to overcome. So what happened to Eight Belles? Well, for a filly she did run very well and placed second in the race. But after two compound fratcures in each of her front legs she was put down not more than 2 minutes after finishing the race.

See my friends, this is what they call foreshadowing. It just hurts me to know she had to drag that poor horse into this. Rest in peace Eight Belles.


G Hop said...

Do this mean that you see, 10 furlongs away, that her campaign will end tragically. If she sees herself as Eight Belles, then wouldn't she has to be Eight Belles all the way?

Let's see. The only lady in the race and she comes in second which brings a tragic end to her campaign.

Maybe she sees it coming 10 furlongs away also?

Fredo said...

That may say a lot of what Hillary's campaign is all about. Puts up a tough fight only to place 2nd. Let's hope hers will not be tragic.