Thursday, May 8, 2008

School over, donkey turnover...

Hell yeah! I remember singing that when I was a kid. Don't know what it means but every year around this time I would sing it at the top of my lungs. And I sing today my friends.

Had my last final exam for the semester last night in Financial Accounting. Tough stuff, most especially when you aren't allowed to bring any notes (cheat-sheet) to the exam. I mean, who the hell gives you closed-notes-closed-book exams at grad level? Yeah, I could see for Medical or Law school but just straight Finance?? Give me a break.

The one good thing about college at the end of the semester is that you get to sell back your books for cents on the dollar. Set ah thief!! But hey, I took it. Would you like to know why I would do something so rash? Because, like you, I have kept way too many a text without ever so much as a long glance in its general direction over the course of many years. And then after lugging these things with you on move after move you finally give up and unceremoniously toss them in the trash. I figured for the cents on the dollar I would definitely put that money to good use right away. So of course when I am at the campus bookstore and I get back that small chump change you would think I would dump it into one of my many savings accounts right?

Hell to the no!

While standing in line to get my money I eyed a baseball cap with the school's motto/insignia/whatever and bought it. Hi, my name is Troy and I am a SUCKA!!

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G Hop said...

Cheese....I thought you were going to put that towards the iPhone. lol.

Big up to the person who put the caps right were you saw them. Some accomplishment on their not let that chump change leave the door.

Wear that cap with lots of pride. :-}