Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time to get back into shape...

Yep, got up this morning and hit the gym. I mean I hit it. Hit it like it stole my lunch money. And I will keep hitting it until I get my lunch money back. See what had happened is that on my recent vacation to St. Thomas I sort of stood out at the beach if you know what I mean. Hey, I'll be honest with you and sum up my day at the beach in 5 words: GUYS SHOULD NOT HAVE BREASTS! (aka "man-boobs" like my NOT FAVORITE niece referred to them)

Yep, there I was keeping my shirt on for the better part of the day in blistering heat. I did remove it to swim but when I came out of the water I quickly dried off and replaced my shirt. And you know what? When I laid in bed this morning thinking about skipping the gym that memory motivated me to MOVE. And publicizing my embarrasment on this medium will only motivate me further. What's motivating you?

PS: Next time you see me, ask me about my abs. :)


Jeremy said...

Maybe the free McDonald's and the man boobs are somehow related. I'm just sayin'.

Troy said...

He shoots, he scores! :)