Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sticking with it

That life is really about sticking with it. Whatever it is. Set your goal, make a plan on how you will accomplish it and the rest is just implementation. Yeah, it may take a little longer than you planned. Yeah, it may be harder than you estimated. And yeah, there are times when you won't make it. But trust me, if you do this a lot, you will succeed a lot. Plain and simple.

Every once in a while I have to remind myself of that. It seems I always fall for the get rich quick, get abs quick, get educated quick schemes that exist. And is it just me or do those schemes work just often enough so that an eedyiat show-self friend of mine can get it to work for them and brag all day about it. So of course now my ego kicks in and I, the fool I am, tries the scheme. Sad part is when the shite falls apart I am the least surprised. Hell, I expected it.

Two words: emotional discipline.

When you have your goals set, course charted, plans in place and you are on the road to success it is the lack of emotional discipline that causes us, well at least me, to veer away from my charted course. Yeah, there are times that there are stuff outside of your control in life that will knock you off the course. But more often than not it is just a simple lack of emotional discipline.

It may be as simple as avoiding that pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, ignoring a Cramer stock pick, and/or it may be as simple as turning off the TV.

How do I become more disciplined in my emotions?

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G Hop said...

The first step to any situation is identifying the issue. We cannot go anywhere or resolve anything if we do not where we are going or what we are resolving.

So, when you ask "how do you begin..." Know that you have already begun.