Monday, March 3, 2008

Ant & Grasshopper

If you have been on email for some time then you have seen the tired and true "Ant & Grasshopper" story time and time again with all the fancy new twists depending on the political message the original sender is trying to get across. If you haven't or need a refresher here is the a quick synopsis.

The Ant is a hardworker. During the Summer he is busting his a$$ in the heat building his house and gathering food supplies. On the other hand you have the Grasshopper who is a lazy fool. He has fun all Summer never thinking about the coming Winter.

The Ant is warm and well-fed in his house while the Grasshopper is freezing and hungry. The Grasshopper decides to call a press conference where they proclaim that there are two Forests. Of course they throw in that no one deserves to starve in a forest of such greath wealth and that the Ant should give back to the less fortunate. You know the whole charade where the Ant is now labeled greedy and oppressive. On the advice of the Liberal propaganda machine the Grasshopper files a lawsuit against the Ant taking 50% of his net worth with legal fees taking the remaining 50%. As a result of losing the case the Ant sells his home to pay the Grasshopper and legal fees. The Grasshopper buys a McMansion decked out with all the trimmings. The Ant is now the one that is freezing and hungry and the Grasshopper is well fed and warm.

Winter, three years later:
As the Liberals did NOT suspect, Winter comes and the Ant is warm and well-fed in a new modest home while the Grasshopper is freezing and hungry after not being able to pay the mortgages on the McMansion after interest rates were reset on his 1/1 jumbo ARM.

Gist of the story:
The Grasshopper's wealth grew but not his character or knowledge. He remained the fool he was and as a result quickly lost his wealth. And conversely, the Ant remains the committed, driven, hard worker he was at the start.

Like the saying goes, "Adversity does not build character; adversity reveals character."

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