Friday, March 21, 2008

Invest in YOU

For those who aren't shored up in their savings/investments, do so. For those who are shored up, three words: INVEST IN YOU.

This is the time. Whether it means laying the groundwork to start your own business, taking classes part-time, and/or enrolling in a gym, THIS is the time. YOU absolutely have to exit this down cycle a better person than YOU were when YOU entered it. We all know that YOU gain competitive advantages during down cycles and REALIZE them during the up cycles. And we all are pretty much in agreement that this, RIGHT NOW, is a down cycle. So, this my friend is the down cycle YOU have been waiting for. Yes, this specific one. This is the down cycle in which YOU will set YOURSELF up such that when YOU exit, YOU will be in a prime position to capitalize in the next up cycle.

Don't let your PERSONAL net worth decline with the falling dollar. INVEST IN YOU.

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