Sunday, March 2, 2008

Celebrity endorsements

Obama has and Hillary has Jack Nicholson. I must admit I am a much bigger fan of Jack Nicholson. So does that mean I vote Hillary?? Alright people, lets get serious. Educate yourselves on the issues that matter to you and find the candidate that is more aligned with what you believe. If none exists then enjoy the celebrity endorsement videos for what they are: entertainment.
So far I would say that Hillary is winning on quality (Nicholson - another great performance in "The Bucket List" by the way) and Obama is winning on quantity (too many cameos to count but for some reason Pam from "Martin" is stuck in my head).

Hillary - Jack Nicholson

Obama - We Are The Ones

Obama - Yes We Can

PS: I don't care how many other roles she performs. She will always be beady-bead Pam from "Martin." And I will always have love for her.

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