Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poetry for the current times...

Buying Happiness
by Dean

All I ask is for the chance to prove,
That happiness, money can’t buy.
Just ask Warren Buffet or Bill Gates,
Or any other filthy rich guy.

They found it out on their own,
From being filthy rich.
They didn’t learn it from TV or books
Or hear it from some broke-a$$ b????.

I want to know what it's like,
To be filthy rich like those boys.
I want to have the big bank account,
And be on TV showing off my toys.

I too would write letters,
To blogs, magazines, and printed news.
About how tax cuts favor the rich,
And how the poor man, the government screws.

What about a tax cut,
For the average guy on the street.
Who works 60 hours a week,
But still can’t make ends meet.

I too would spend my time,
Setting up offshore corporations.
And take money from hard working Americans,
And send it to developing world nations.

I will quote famous scriptures,
And catchy little phrases.
All in an attempt to make the government understand,
That the poorer American needs tax cuts and pay raises.

But now I shall go back to work,
And stop my a$$ from dreaming.
Cause nobody will read my article,
Or listen to my screaming.

I’ll just keep complaining
About my life with lack of money
When I should be at home,
Reading the SCRIPT to my honey.

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