Saturday, March 1, 2008

My first entry...

Finally, after 11 years of email I have decided to go ahead and get a blog. I know, you are wondering, 'WHY?" Well hell, it has been something I have thought about doing for the last two years or so but finally decided to get up off my a$$ and get started. Also, throughout the years a number of friends have always said that I need to capture all the bullshite that I spew somewhere so that it can be read dare I say, OnDemand.

In any event, what do I want to talk about today on March 1st, 2008? Hmmm, lets see.

This song from the movie, "Closer".

That song is freaking deep. The reason that the song got in my head is because I have a friend who loves to play games regarding movies. Right now he is emailing songs from soundtracks to see if I can figure out what movie it is. And yeah, he is smart enough to remove all the mp3 tags from the files such that it hasn't been an easy job for me to say the least. However, thus far he has been emailing music. I mean, I wouldn't call them songs. Some of them are downright classical music or something. But if I complain then I will be outed for being the hater I am.

In any case, I think the above song is how you play the game. That song sticks in your head. That song is not mainstream. That song takes you back to the movie and if you are feeling lonely and broken-hearted that song makes you pine for that person you miss so badly. Did I out myself? And so it is...

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