Saturday, March 1, 2008

Game show gall...

First off, are these shows even real to begin with? Well, one more reason for me to cancel cable. Even Flavor of Love now isn't as good as it once was. But this latest game show from Fox (you know, Fair & Balanced) did prompt a good friend to call asking me if I had heard about it. Now, you and I know that the folks who should be on this show won't be on this show. This is why I have to wonder if it is real. She knew damn well she didn't belong on this show. And even if she did go on the show, she knew damn well to take the $50K and run. Now, she has no money and possibly no husband??

Moment of Truth

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G Hop said...

Her ass knew what she was getting into when she got on the show. So did he, so you cannot feel sorry for either of them. Maybe they should rename the show "For the love of money."

Pity she got that answer right and lost it all by not knowing the answer to the following question, "Do you think you are a nice person?"...her answer was yes. Pure BS.