Saturday, March 1, 2008

I want an iPhone

There! I said it. I'll say it again. I want an iPhone. Now, the question becomes how do I get one. Oh yeah, I cough up either $399 for the 8GB model or $499 for the 16GB model. You know my cheap a$$ is stressing about that. :)

But seriously, it isn't the up front costs that have me so much down in the dumps. It's the fact that the current one on the market isn't 3G. I mean, I am on Sprint today with a cheap plan that comes with 3G unlimited data. Why would I downgrade in service for an upgrade in phone? Makes no sense. However, the word is that the 3G phone is dropping soon. And guess what? My Sprint contract ends soon.

But all that means is that the 3G phone will probably cost even more. I mean, a tech guy of my standing has to have the 16GB model right? Well that goes for $499 now without the 3G. But hey, I paid $400 for the Treo I have currently and that was with 2006 dollars (those dollars were worth something back then too--inflation is kicking in folks).

You know what really rubs it in that I have to get one. On a recent trip to California a great friend of mine who absolutely has to get every technogadget made was showing off his. Of course he shows me a picture on the iPhone and then to show off he tells me to flip it 90 degrees. Of course the picture enlarged and it transitioned so smooth my eyes lit up even after seeing this over and over in commercials. Well, it had more to do with the specific picture than the technology if you know what I mean. But in either case, I commented back, "Is this your new pickup line? Flip it 90?" Which of course him being the person he is replied back, "Are you kidding me? The 'girls' I date don't know what 90 degrees means. I say, 'Sweety, if you want to see something special turn it to the side. The phone, not you!'"

As for me, I will keep waiting for the 3G model. Hell, you never know, I may be able to cut my internet connection and use that 3G iPhone as a modem. But somehow I don't think that is in the ATT business model.

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