Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SuperWHAT, SuperWHO? SuperDelegate!

Hey, I know an electoral college when I smell one. Yeah, it's kind of ironic that the Democratic (equality) party would hand out "super powers" to a select few (~800). It is estimated that one Democratic superdelegate vote is the equivalent of 10,000 you or me votes. Yeah, that select ~800 is comprised of Democratic party leaders (including both Obama & Clinton) and officials who account for 20% of the total delegate vote. And right now they have the power to vote however the hell their heart desires.

So what is the big deal with that you may ask? Well, folks such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now coming out and saying that these superdelegates SHOULD vote with the popular vote. Hmmm, this doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, if they are only there to vote the popular vote then why the hell are you giving them a superdelegate vote in the first place? Hey, why not open the books and update the rules and call them what you want them to be: HONORARY delegates.

I don't know. Maybe it is as it is intended, like the electoral college. We all know that there is one good reason why the electoral college is still here: too many eedyiat voters! I said it. I mean, the only reason some of these registered voters no longer think Obama is Muslim is because of all the heat he is now catching from his FORMER Christian Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Side note: Is it just me or are they stressing the word "FORMER" every time they refer to his FORMER Pastor? So, if these superdelegates are educated on the issues, intelligent, and aren't trying to pay back or earn any political favors their vote should be, at worst, better than the popular vote, right? Sounds about right to me. OK, any minute now I will wipe that silly grin off my face.

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